peep checker Don’t Peep !!

peep checker Don't Peep !!
peep checker Don’t Peep !!
Price:$0.99 (US)
iOS after 3.0

Application summary

It is joke application.
When it was touched in iPhone without permission, this application adds a footprint to a screen and start a sound and surprise a partner.
I did not understand that application was working and did it and implemented the secret mode which confirmed a point tapped later.

To use the screenshot of the home screen as a dummy image; there cannot be really the thing that the data such as emails are displayed.
I understand only a fact involved in so that application is finished when it was pushed the home button ^^;

In addition, there is the record of the tap for to 1,000 times to prevent useless memory consumption.

I had an opinion that I could use it as a toy of the children so that a footprint was displayed by tapping it, and the sound came out. Thank you.

How to use

  1. Take a screenshot of home screen. (Push Home button and Sleep button)
  2. Start this application and tap “Choose Screenshot Image” after choice with a start option
  3. Because a list of images of the camera roll is displayed, Choose the screenshot that I photographed with 1
  4. Just put it afterward

Clear of tap data : Swipe of the screen lower part (per the dock) from the right to the left direction.
Confirm of tap data when secret mode : Swipe of the screen lower part (per the dock) from the left to the right direction.

Start option

  • Secret mode
    ON : Nothing happens when tapped.
    You can confirm a point tapped later.
    (a sound play in the case of ON sound effects)

    OFF : an icon is displayed in the point where touched when it was tapped.

  • Sound
    ON : it play a sound when it was tapped
    The setting of sound effects becomes effective without affecting ON / OFF of the secret mode.
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